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About Sacha

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I began my political career in 2012 when I ran under the Libertarian ticket for the position of Colorado State Senate, District 8.  I managed to garner 4.5% of the vote with zero funds for my campaign.  This, to me, shows me that we, as a people, are starting to see that the two-party system does not work.  We are looking for an alternative.  I assert that the Libertarian Party is that alternative.  I am running for the Colorado House of Representatives, District 57 under the Libertarian ticket for the November 2014 election.

Who am I?  Well, I am your neighbor.  I am a mother, a wife and I am the real “Joe the plumber”.  I want what you want.  The freedoms that our Constitution has already granted us. To bring the government to the level of control they are allowed under our Constitution and to begin to get our country on a financial footing that will benefit all of society.